Finding Approachable homes for children in need.

About Us


What We Do

Approachable Foster Family Agency is a private, non-profit agency in the Central Valley. Children placed with Approachable FFA by County agencies range in age from birth to 17 years old. These children are often the victims of abandonment, child abuse, or severe neglect.

Experienced Staff

Approachable FFA is staffed with experienced Case Workers, Counselors, and Psychologists who have effectively eased the pain and trauma for hundreds of children affected by broken homes. We also serve as a support network to our certified foster families by providing training, respite care, support groups and psychological services.

Committed to Partnerships

Approachable FFA is thoroughly committed to building partnerships with County agencies in order to facilitate family involvement as established by law and directed by County agencies. We also work with County agencies to facilitate smooth transitions and reunions of these children with their biological families as deemed appropriate. Learn more by contacting one of our trained staff members.